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This small site serves to make room in my signature.
Some may be familiar with the problem that you have to show more often Adopts or websites, but the place just is not enough xD

Since most websites I visit are in English, I'll try this website also to write in English. But beware! I´m a German and my English is not the best. However, I try to do my best :3


Most people will know me as "Sir Auron." For this reason, get the hottest man from FF X  also a picture xD Sorry, but that had to be  * laughing *

Should you know of a website that might interest me, they just write in my guestbook. Or maybe you want to add me one of my pages list as a friend :3 The same applies if you have clicked me, and I'm on the same page. But then mail to your user name to it, otherwise I can see you badly xD

See ya x3

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